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Cure & Seal

Cure & Seal is a fast drying, clear, water based epoxy primer/sealer for damp or dry concrete surfaces. It is designed for maximum resin penetration into the concrete and provides a thin mil, abrasive resistant, protective wear surface. Cure & Seal bonds tenaciously to properly prepared concrete. Cured films are resistant to mild chemicals and provide an excellent primer for additional coatings.


-Easy to apply (brush, roller or airless sprayer).

-Penetrates deeply into concrete.

-Provides film coat protection.

-Prevents concrete from dusting.

-Ideal prime coat for 100% solids coating/flooring.

-Excellent adhesion.

-Hardens newly poured concrete.

-VOC compliant; no strong odors.


-Surface must be properly prepared - structurally sound, clean (dust, oil, grease free).

-Surface can be damp; however, there can be no standing water.

-Mix ratio: 2 parts Part A: 1 Part B, by volume (2:1).

-Induct mixture for 30 minutes before applying.

-After induction, pot life is 1 hour. (Do not use material after 1 hour even if there is   no change in the appearance of the material ) .

-Apply at the rate of 400 to 1,000 square feet per gallon depending on the profile   of the concrete.

-Do not allow material to puddle.


1. Be sure the floor is very clean and dry; that is, free of oils, grease, chemicals, etc.

2. Remove dust and dirt by sweeping and vacuuming.

3. Tape off and protect adjacent to areas to be coated and at termination points.


1. Using a clean stick, pre mix both Part A and Part B. (Use a separate stick for    each.)


2. Measuring by volume, pour 2 parts of Part A and 1 part of Part B into any clean     container. Mix together for a full two minutes using a "jiffy mixer" with a slow     speed drill. Use care to leave the mixer near the bottom of material so as not to     entrain excess air into the mix. Make sure the material on the walls and bottom     of the container are mixed well.

3. After mixing Part A and Part B together this material must "sit" in the container     for 1/2 hour before using. This is the induction period.

4. After 1/2 hour, pour the mix on the floor in a thin ribbon and spread with a     roller or brush. This material needs to be applied thin. Do not allow to puddle.

5. The working time for this material is a 1/2 hour (past the 1/2 hour induction     time). There won't be  any change in the appearance of the material however, at     this point any unused mixed material should be discarded.

6. Remove tapes within 15 minutes. This epoxy should dry to touch within 2 to 4     hours.

**Work with adequate ventilation and plastic gloves. Follow all precautions.**


Mix Ratio                              2:1 by volume
Pot Life                                  1/2 hr past induction  
Induct                                    30 min
Initial set                                1-3 hrs
Color                                      Clear (Amber)
Direct Impact                         140 in-lbs
Reverse Impact                      25 in-lbs
Taber Abrasion                       164 mg loss
Pencil Hardness                      2H
Solids (weight)                         39.1 %
Solids (volume)                        37.1 %
VOC                                          58 gms/liter  
Density                                      8.8 lbs/gal  
Coverage                                   400-1000 sf/gal
Shelf Life (in unopened cont)
1 year in unopened container

******************Do Not Allow To Freeze********************


                               CHEMICAL RESISTANCE

10 % Ammonia                  No Effect
Water                                 No Effect
Ethanol                              Loss of Gloss
Formula 409                     No Effect
Windex                              No Effect
15% Sodium Hydroxide   No Effect
Gasoline                            Slight Sofening  
Xylene                               Slight Softening