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Flexi-Coat is a 100% Solids Urethane Waterproof Membrane finished surface. Flexi-Coat provides a blush free, fast cure coating with excellent adhesive abilities. It is available in off-white and a variety of colors. Fabric reinforcement is not required when installing this system.
Waterproofing, sealing, patching and coating of surfaces that are exposed to the stresses of impact or thermal change. Flexi-Coat can be used as the matrix for an aggregate system, or a stand alone coating where a greater degree of elongation and flexibility is required. Various textures are available, ranging from skid-resistant to smooth.
-Mechanical equipment rooms.
-Pedestrian and traffic decks.
-Waterproof membranes under other finished flooring.

-Provides flexibility and elongation to absorb impact.
-Highly resistant to chemical attack and water spills.
-Does not require fabric reinforcement within the matrix.
-Finished system in and of itself.
-Blush free, excellent bond strength.


Mix only amount that can be applied in 15 minutes.
Surface must be properly prepared before application.


Mix Ratio                                                          4:1 by volume
Pot Life                                                             20 min- (Can be accelerated)
Initial Set Time @ 77f                                      6-8 hrs. (Can be accelerated)
Color                                                                 Off White, or Pigmented
Shore D Hardness                                           50  +/-
Tensile Strength (ASTM D412)                       900 psi
Tensile Elongation (ASTM D412)                    20-100%
Water Absorption (ASTM D570)                     .3%

Coverage (16 mils thick)                                   100 sq.ft/gallon(theoretical)
Shelf Life                                                            1 years in unopened container

CLEANING: Area must be clean, sound and dry. Conventional cleaning methods used are acid etching, shot-blast, or aqua-blast. Dense concrete should be acid etched exposing small aggregate particles and giving the appearance of sandpaper.

1. Stir each component separately.
2. Blend 4 part base to 1 part reactor by volume and mix completely.