Do It Yourself:

Bedrock provides easy to use, top of the line products designed for the non-professional. Low odor and no solvents make our products environmentally friendly and safer to use. Clear cut instructions accompany all products. We are always available to answer your questions. Most orders ship within 3 business days

Recommended Products:


Concentrated cleaner/degreaser and free rinsing. Recommended for any surface which will not be harmed by water. 

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100% solids (no water & solvents) epoxy protective coating. Available in water clear or colors. 

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Fast drying, clear water based epoxy primer/sealer for concrete surfaces. 

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Special  primer to be applied to newly poured concrete to allow installation of  an epoxy floor without waiting 28 days for concrete to cure.  Installation of the epoxy floor can proceed as soon as 1 day after the  concrete is poured. 

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