Bedrock Binder

100% solids (solvent & water free) epoxy binder used for creating durable mortar for resurfacing, encapsulating aggregate, topping and repair.


Cleaner/Degreaser for multipurpose use. Heavily concentrated versatility.

Cure & Seal

High solids, water based epoxy for new or existing concrete. Used as a primer for our epoxy systems or to strengthen and finish concrete surfaces. Reduces risk associated with hydrostatic pressure.

Bedrock Patch

100% solids (solvent & water free) epoxy patching compound. Includes resin, catalyst, and aggregates. Available in fine, standard, regular, cure, and fast cure.


100% solids (solvent & water free) epoxy protective coating. Available in water clear or colors.


100% solids (solvent & water free) flexible urethane coating. Available in clear or colors. Used as a membrane or hair line crack isolation.

Green Concrete Primer (G.C.P.)

Special primer to be applied to newly poured concrete to allow installation of an epoxy floor without waiting 28 days for concrete to cure. Installation of epoxy floor as soon as the day after concrete is poured without waiting 28 days.

100% Solid Polyurea

A two-component (high-gloss) aliphatic floor sealer that exhibits excellent characteristics for abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering, and UV stability.


Standard 100% solids epoxy resin.


Higher viscosity version of R100. Faster and somewhat better properties.


Chemical resistant, low viscosity 100% solids epoxy.


100% solids non-sag epoxy. Used with C265 for forming integral epoxy cove base.


Standard catalyst for R100. Used for broadcast coats.


Very fast low temperature curing agent for R100 or R200 resins. Cures down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. At room temperature, cure is as little as 1.5 hours. Short pot life.


Low viscosity version of C295. Slower to cure.


Chemical resistant catalyst used with R300.

Water Based Epoxy Primer

Moisture insensitive, seal and protects. Used as a low build floor sealer or primer under our other resins.