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Green Concrete Primer  (G.C.P.)

G.C.P. is a unique, fast drying, clear, water based epoxy primer/sealer for newly poured concrete floors on or below grade. It is specifically designed to allow any of Bedrock Resin's 100% solids epoxy coatings or high build epoxy flooring to be placed within one day after the installation of green concrete primer.
G.C.P. will seal and harden the concrete, and use the hydration of the concrete to enhance the properties of both the concrete and G.C.P.

-Allows installation of epoxy flooring after one day if pouring new concrete.
  No need to wait 28 days for the concrete to hydrate.
-Eliminates the need for shot blasting, acid washing, or other costly, time   consuming processes that adversely effect the concrete cap.
-Acts as cure and seal to harden the concrete and improve its overall properties.
  Conforms to ASTM 309 requirement for use as a concrete curing compound.
-Easy to apply (brush, roller or airless sprayer).
-Tenacious bond to newly poured concrete, regardless of the concrete finish.
  (Power troweled, broom or float finish)
-VOC compliant; no strong odors.
G.C.P. must be installed within 24 hours of placement of new concrete ideally, as soon as the concrete installation is complete and the concrete can be walked on. It is supplied in pre-measured kits. Do not divide
kits into smaller quantities. Pour full contents of Part A container into Part B container. Mix for 2 full minutes, Add approximately 1/3rd pre-measured water and mix for one minute. Add 2nd third of water and mix for one minute. Add last third of water and mix for one minute. Pour total mix onto floor as a thin, long ribbon, roller apply at about the rate of 300 square feet per gallon. Do not allow to puddle. Pot life/working time of mixed material is about 20 minutes. Allow to dry a minimum of 12 hours.